I was watching the darkened sky as we sailed across the caribbean sea, smooth, undulating with the current as we slashed through the deep waters of the night. It was a while before my eyes began to adjust to the total darkness.

I gazed out into the horizon, the sky only one slight shade lighter than the seawater below, minutes passed, perhaps more, and I turned around and looked up.

What I saw gasped out of my throat and into the balmy air around me. Stars, everywhere. Every single darkened spot was lit by a sparkling dot in the distance, constellations took shape right before my very eyes, shapes, dreams and words began to tumble out to the front of my now dazzled mind. They were endless, meaningful, true.

The thought bloomed in my mind. The thought that in the darkness of life, whether still or sailing, sometimes you forget that there are countless of sparkling lights up above you; all you have to do is look up. You can see them, you just have to be there enough to let your eyes adjust, let yourself perceive that there is more to the initial slap of life, there is more there.

There where you assumed it dark, where you saw it gloom, where you did not perceive, the stars were there, sparkling unbeknownst to you but still waiting; waiting for the day where you allow yourself on that darkened bridge, waiting for your eyes to adjust, for you to turn around and look up and realize that bright and sparkling; they are there. They are yours.

And when you see them, it will all make sense.


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